When the Water loves Fire, Performance, Natural History Museum Basel, June 2022

„When the Water loves Fire“

Natural History Museum Basel, June 2022
Organized by Fabio Sonego
In collaboration with Anne Kissmann, Ayaka Gütlin, Samuel Grand and Tamás Vásárhelyi.

Photo credit: Christian Knörr Camera credit: Linus Weber

“Love is an action, never simply a feeling.” *Bell Hooks

In a world where war is commonplace and fear is becoming more and more prevalent, I noticed that love is missing. But do not we have a much stronger capacity to love than we think? Charity and self-love might be lost, but it is precisely when love is needed that it is missing.

I want us to draw maps of love, which help us to navigate, take us along, and guide us so that love can take its rightful place in society. I consider this performance a piece of a map which doesn’t show the treasure, but emphasizes the journey rather than the destination.

At the Natural History Museum Basel, where I work at the cash desk, I juxtaposed my love for the building with my personal examination of love. And I wanted to investigate what hap- pens in a house of natural sciences when we add a filter of love while examining the human perspective on nature. The work „When the Water loves Fire“ is conceived as a philosophi- cal tour. Working together with the museum’s staff, scientists, and artists, we developed a tour with multiple stations, where the audience was guided through the museum.

In my performative practice, I like to use buildings and freeze them for a moment in time. This allows me to access and play with the conditions of the environment, moreover, to work with people connected to the building to address current so- cial and personal questions. Linked to my examination of the topic of home, I want to create stages that also look behind the scenes and beyond borders. Thereby I want to expand our horizons to facilitate an open and diverse exchange about the concept of home.